June 2017 Newsletter

May 2016: Handling Short-Term Rentals

August 2015: Governing Documents: Is It Time for a Change?

June 2015: Vendor Contracts: Protect Your HOA

May 2015: All About Tenants

March 2015: Keeping Your Board Seats Filled

January 2015: New Year, New Laws! Stay Current With RO’s Legislative Update

November 2014: Annual Insurance Coverage Self-Evaluation

Breaking News: Partial Payments of Assessments Delinquency OK

October 2014: Avoiding Litigation: Keeping Your Community Out of the Courtroom

August 2014: Ensuring Architectural Compliance: Tools for HOAs

July 2014: Widespread Drought – Legal and Other Challenges of the Association

June 2014: Puzzling CID Questions: Answered!

May 2014: Legislative Updates from Sacramento

March 2014: 10 Tips for Amending Your CC&Rs

February 2014: Resolutions for Your HOA

January 2014: Legal Update

December 2013: Giving Back to Our Communities

November 2013: Exercising Collection Options: Flexibility in Action

HOA Breaking News: Appellate Court Rejects Class Action Claims Against HOA Management Companies Over Transfer Fees

October 2013: Handling Solar Equipment Installations

September 2013: Preparing your HOA for 2014

August 2013: Exactly WHO Can Attend Board Meetings?

July 2013: Avoiding Recall Elections

June 2013: Securing Your Community’s Financial Future

May 2013: Are You Ready For The “New” Davis-Stirling Act?

April 2013: The Business Judgment Rule – A Three-Legged Stool (of Safety)

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