Statutes of Interest

California Business and Professions Code

    Certified Common Interest Development Manager,
    Code Sections 11500-11505

Purpose and Definitions, Section 11500-11501

Certified Common Interest Development Managers: Section 11502 – 11503

Disclosure Requirements: Section 11504

Unfair Business Practices: Section 11505

California Corporations Code

    Organization and Bylaws, Code Sections 7110-7521

Title and Purposes, Section 7110-7111

Formation, Section 7120-7122.3

Articles of Incorporation, Section 7130-7131

Powers, Section 7140-7142

Bylaws, Section 7150-7153

Location and Inspection of Articles and Bylaws, Section 7160

General Provisions, Section 7210-7215

Selection, Removal and Resignation of Directors, Section 7220-7225

Standards of Conduct, Section 7230-7238

Issuance of Memberships, Section 7310-7315

General Provisions, Section 7510-7517

Additional Provisions Relating to Election of Directors, Section 7520-7527

Voting of Memberships, Section 7610-7616

Amendment of Articles, Section 7810-7820

Government Code

Housing Discrimination, Section 12955-12956.2

Vehicle Code

Authority to Remove Vehicles, Section 22650-22711